Rehearsal schedule:
Spring 2020 updated

Rehearsal general information

Thursday Rehearsal repertoire Venue
Red means change since originally published.
30 Jan Read through Glinka, Shost ii, iv, Tch first half SSMJ
6 Feb Read through Shost i, Tch second half, Shost iii SSMJ
13 Feb Shost ii, Glinka, Shost iv, Tch if time SSMJ
20 Feb Tch first half, Shost i, Shost iii SSMJ
27 Feb Tch second half, Shost iv, Glinka SSMJ
5 Mar Shost ii, Tch first half, Shost iii SSMJ
12 Mar Shost i, Tch second half, Glinka SSMJ

Owing to the ongoing spread of Coronavirus, the committee has made the difficult decision to cancel the 25 April concert. Prime minister announcement 16-3-20: "It looks as though we are now approaching the fast growth part of the upward curve ... now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel ... you should avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and other such social venues."

19 Mar SECTIONALS (Dwight and Geoff): strings in main hall, wind in small hall SSMJ
26 Mar Shost iv, Tch all, requests SSMJ
2 Apr Glinka, Shost i, ii, iii SSMJ
16 Apr Shost play through, Tch play through SSMJ
23 Apr Movements needing further rehearsal St Andrews
Sat 25 Apr 1400-1630 full programme in concert order
1930 Concert
St Andrews
CONCERT DRESS - JUNE/JULY CONCERT: Gents - black trousers (smart/concert trousers), black shirt, no tie or jacket. Ladies - all black (long) - ladies can wear black trousers, or skirts with black tights, but no white tops.
CONCERT DRESS - OTHER CONCERTS: Gents - Black dinner jacket, white dress shirt, black bow tie. Ladies - all black (long) - ladies can wear black trousers, or skirts with black tights, but no white tops.
Oxford rehearsals
Thursdays 19:30 to 21:30 in the Main Hall at St Mary and St John School, Meadow Lane, Oxford OX4 1TJ
Please bring a music stand
Please let someone know if you cannot come, and arrange a wind deputy
Conductor: Geoff Bushell: 01235 818848
Conductor: Dwight Pile-Gray
Leader: Emily Ormerod: 01865 514210 / 07766 259339